Dreams and their meanings remain a mystery, an object of fascination. From antiquity to neuroscience, from Freud and Jung, dreams have always intrigued.

Why do we dream? What do dreams mean? What messages do they bring to the dreamer?

Dreams: “A problem-solving machine.”

“Apparitions, omens… Dreams reveal what is trying to emerge within us and help us to question ourselves”, explained the psychoanalyst Anne Dufourmantelle.

Everyone dreams from birth, and even long before: 80% of sleep time in the womb, 50% in infancy…

“Dreaming is a second life.”

Gérard de Nerval

What are the most common themes in dreams and their meanings?

The house

It speaks of oneself, representing one’s inner conduct, way of being, thinking, and acting. A tidy house may signifies good self-esteem, good management of your emotions. On the contrary, a dilapidated house may indicate a difficult time characterized by conflicts or confusion. Rooms are also important: the kitchen may symbolizes transformation, the living room of exchanges, the bedroom of sexual affects.

The animals

The meaning of this dream is given by the characteristic of the animal in the dream. Aggressive, asleep, joyful… The cat may represents independence, while the dog loyalty, the snake a change, and the spider a danger.

The car

This dream may symbolizes how you navigate through life. The way you carry out your projects, values and desires. The type of car can also give clues about your self-confidence. Is it a sports car? An old clunker? Or a luxury sedan?


Contrary to popular belief, death in its various forms such as cemeteries, coffins, funerals, often symbolizes rebirth. It indicates a passage or a turning point in your life. For Jung, death is a sign that one must move on to the next stage. Questions you should ask yourself: what do you need to change in your life? Your career? Your relationships? Your perception of yourself?

Do you want to talk about it?

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