A toxic relationship is one in which one or both parties feel bad, experience discomfort, or sense a lingering unease. So, are you in a toxic relationship?

Reading these words resonates with you, and you find yourself reflecting on past experiences? Let’s come together to calmly address the subject and delve deeper into the impression you are feeling. Let’s see if you are experiencing signs that indicate you should flee:

  • You ask for permission without justified reason
  • You are not yourself anymore; you do not recognize yourself
  • You are emotionally exhausted
  • You do not feel ‘good in your own skin’
  • Your professional life is suffering collateral damage
  • You argue often
  • You have to hide things
  • You forgive very (too…) easily
  • You fear spontaneous speech
  • Your partner blames you for everything
  • You change your opinion to adopt theirs
Relation toxique
I can accompany you so that you no longer endure a toxic relationship.

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of these signs?

In that case, it is possible you are in a toxic relationship. It is essential for your psychological well-being to set boundaries or distance yourself from the relationship.

Similarly, it is also important to reflect on and work on aspects of your own personality that lead you to engage or remain in such a relationship. I can assist you in this process.

In any case, the practitioner’s guidance is a key element in starting a journey towards wellness and no longer enduring this type of relationship. As a practitioner, I am at your disposal to discuss the subject together in a dedicated session via video conference or even over the phone.

With this support, I will help you analyze the pattern, become more aware of this situation, and gradually find solutions towards well-being.


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