The benefits of online Psy therapy are made possible thanks to the new technologies available to everyone. Psychotherapy techniques lend themselves perfectly to this type of communication.

It’s a therapy format where patient and practitioner meet remotely through call or video conferencing applications. To consult, all you need is a good internet connection, a phone, or a computer.

Is it really effective?

Firstly, various studies have confirmed the effectiveness of virtual consultations. In 2013, a study from the University of Zurich on cases of depression treatment concluded that remote care yields similar results to in-person sessions.

Subsequently, leading practitioners such as Rodolphe Oppenheimer have adapted protocols for remote formats. In a book, in collaboration with Dr. Eric Malbos, he even discusses the multiplied potential of consultations supported by virtual reality.

Séance Psy en ligne. Téléconsultation psy en ligne

What are the advantages of online consultations?

The benefits of using teleconsultation are numerous:

  • Easy access! No need to travel to a clinic or an office.
  • Convenient! You manage your availability better with that of the practitioner. Thus, it’s easier to get appointments more quickly.
  • Time-saving: No more long trips to the clinic.
  • More personal relationship: By sharing their environment, the patient opens up more than in an external location.
  • Confidentiality in your daily life: No need to take time off to travel to the practitioner’s office.
  • Interactivity: Sharing with the therapist maintains the visual aspect. Similarly, screen sharing can be used to exchange ideas using suitable media.

Online Psychological Consultation with MyPsy.Online

From the beginning, we have relied on teleconsultation to provide you with easy access to sessions with your practitioner. It’s as easy as booking a session !

I will be happy to support you during our online psychological consultations to give you all the help you need in your quest for well-being.


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