Discover our top 5 online Psy sites on a selection of online psychology sites, offering quality support over the internet. From types of online therapy, to techniques and rates, we take you through a targeted selection of platforms.

A comprehensive guide to find the best online psychological help


Mental health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being. That’s why it’s essential to have access to quality psychological help when you need it. With the evolution of technology, more and more people are turning to online psychology to find the support they need.

In this article, we’ll explore the “Top 5 Online Shrinks” of the best online psychology sites. We have chosen for you those offering quality psychological help on the internet. This article explores different platforms available with different approaches and offering in-depth information to meet the diverse mental health and wellbeing needs of our readers.

What is online psychology?

Firstly, online psychology, also known as online therapy, refers to the delivery of mental health services via the internet. This can include individual or dedicated therapy sessions for children/adolescents, couples or even families. The advantages of online therapy are numerous, including flexibility, convenience and access to a wider range of mental health professionals.

Criteria for choosing a good online psychology site

When choosing an online psychology platform, it’s essential to take several criteria into account. Here are a few things to consider to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of the services offered:

Therapists’ qualifications

It’s important to check the qualifications, quality of training and certifications of online practitioners and psychologists on platforms. Look for properly licensed and trained mental health professionals to guarantee high-quality services.

At the same time, the experience of practitioners is also very important. This is essential in terms of both practice and life experience.

Confidentiality and data security

Confidentiality of personal information and data security are essential aspects of online psychology. Make sure your chosen platform has robust security measures in place to protect user information.

Types of therapy offered

Each individual has different mental health needs. So it’s important to choose a platform that offers a variety of services. This could be cognitive-behavioral therapy, couples therapy, or more specialized practices such as Art Therapy.

Platform accessibility and user-friendliness

A user-friendly, easy-to-access platform can enhance the user experience and encourage continued participation in online therapy. Booking appointments should be simple and easy on all devices: computers, but also smartphones.

Service costs

It’s important to understand the costs associated with online psychology services, including payment options. While talking to a psychologist online for free doesn’t really exist, some sites may offer a free online psychology session or tailor rates to the patient’s situation.

It’s important to bear in mind that a commitment to payment for online psy consultations is part of the value brought to the therapy approach and strengthens the chances of success.

Our top 5 online shrink sites

Site description

A platform like a real online practice, with a human and digital approach. The number of practitioners is limited to guarantee committed practitioners. All practitioners are certified and come from leading schools, with different, complementary specialties.

The process is seamless, from the moment the appointment is booked to the reminder of the session an hour before. Note that MyPsy.Online uses a secure, RGPD-compliant video tool, available on all computers (pc, mac…), tablets, phones (iOs, Android…), from a simple link provided by email.

Screenshot MyPsy.Online

Types of services provided

MyPsy.Online practitioners use a range of psychotherapy specialties. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Techniques) enables short, targeted therapies. Art therapy enables you to express yourself when words are no longer enough. Psychoanalysis offers accompanied introspection.

Cost of services

Rates are adapted to all situations, with a free first session and special rates for students. All rates are transparently displayed on the site.

For and against

 ✓ : Certified practitioners ✗ : Less choice of practitioners than other platforms
 ✓ : An easy platform, accessible everywhere 
 ✓ : Rates adapted by situation and type of session
✓ : A questionnaire to identify the practitioner suited to your situation

Site description

The widest choice of psychologists and practitioners, to the point where it’s not always easy to find your way around this breadth of offer. The site functions above all as a directory of practitioners, a competitor to Doctolib. It’s up to you to “shop around”.


Types of services provided

All specialties are represented. Appointments can be made on the site. Some practitioners ask to be contacted in advance, which sometimes makes it uncertain when and when to book a session.

Cost of services

Sessions are priced according to the practitioner. Take the time to compare, as rates can vary widely (from simple to double for the same specialty).

For and against

ProsCons ✓: ✗: A “directory” feel ✗: Appointment scheduling that varies ✗:

 ✓ : A wide choice of practitioners ✗ : A “directory” feel
 ✗ : Appointment scheduling that varies
 ✗ : A chatbot that’s too present and persistent

Site description

A pioneer in online Psy teleconsultations, the site relies on a team of certified Psychologists. In recent years, the platform has developed messaging as a follow-up tool for therapeutic monitoring.


Types of services provided

The site allows users to select their personal situation and then be directed to a psychologist. Resolutely multi-channel, messaging is offered for a wide range of online psychology specialties, even if not all practitioners agree on the effectiveness of psychological help via messaging.

Cost of services

Site offers a single, affordable fee for online psychology sessions. As a result, it’s accessible to as many people as possible, most of them young psychologists just starting out.

For and Against

 ✓ : A wide choice of practitioners ✗ : Site navigation with an impractical menu
✓ : Multi-channel with messaging ✗ : messaging must prove its effectiveness
✓ : A single price 

Site description

The well-known platform for everyone. It’s the benchmark site for booking appointments. The approach is medical and multi-disciplinary, and online psychology is one of the specialties covered by the platform. While the choice of an online psychologist is vast (very vast), we recommend that you spend some time before choosing your practitioner. Online psychology teleconsultations are natively offered by the site.

Screenshot Doctolib

Types of service provided

Only psychologists with an Adeli number are accepted on Doctolib: it’s a guarantee of quality. We noted that practitioners such as hypnotherapists, Art Therapists or even Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists are not present. Yet they may correspond to certain follow-up needs.

Cost of services

Different practitioners charge different rates for the same specialty. So don’t hesitate to compare and choose between widely varying prices.

For and against

 ✓ : A wide choice of practitioners ✗ : Choosing the right practitioner is not easy
✓ : Efficient appointment scheduling 

Site description

The approach is based on a subscription taken out with a practitioner rather than successive sessions. This therefore consists of a weekly or monthly subscription, allowing access to psychologists and above all to tests and follow-up via the app.

Screenshot e-santé
An app for tracking questionnaire results

Types of services provided

The approach differs from sessions based on specialties by practitioners. Instead, numerous tests are entered online via the website or app. The results are displayed on dashboards. Group workshops are also offered. This may appeal to those who like videoconferencing with several people, but probably less so to those who prefer the close proximity between practitioner and patient.

Cost of services

In this case, we noted that the initial subscription is €147/month, for 0 consultations with your practitioner, but digital follow-up and group workshops. For 2 online sessions per month with your practitioner, you can take out a subscription for 199€/month.*

  • Figures as of June 23, 2024, verified on site.

Pros and Cons

 ✓ : An original method based on subscriptions ✗ : An initial subscription that does not include any consultation
✓ : Multi-channel with messaging ✗ : High rates
 ✗ : A digital approach that can lack human contact


In conclusion, many platforms provide access to an online psychology consultation . Thanks to these sites, online psychological follow-up is just a click away, conveniently and flexibly.

The MyPsy.Online platform, with its human and digital approach, is an excellent choice for your online Psy sessions. We encourage our readers to explore the various online psychologist platforms and seek the help they need for their mental health.

In addition to this top 5, we have reviewed many other sites, such as individual practitioner sites. Whatever you choose, remember that the relationship with your future practitioner is the cornerstone of a successful follow-up.