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When looking for help or listening, it is important to have a trusted person, quickly accessible.

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You can choose your preferred mode of communication: telephone, Skype, WhatsApp...

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Making an appointment is finally simple. No travel, scheduling problems or hesitation to enter a practice cabinet

Competent Practitioners

Professional Psychopractitioners, from leading schools and trained in complementary specialties

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An online practice of practitioners, easily accessible. No robot or virtual intelligence, but real people mobilized to listen to you, passionate about their job
  • Psychopraticienne

    Valérie Gogé-Dordrane

    Psychopraticienne - Fondatrice
  • Praticienne art thérapie

    Emilie Nadeau

    Praticienne en Art Thérapie
  • Michelle Mathieu

    Praticienne en Thérapies d'aide

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Student ? We have thought of you by offering you a dedicated rate.

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Answers to your situation

Your practitioner will be able to support you in your daily life

Anxiety disorders

Situation of chronic worry with excessive apprehension of activities (work, romantic relationships, health, etc.)



Persistent and marked fear, unreasonably, triggered by the presence or anticipation of an object (driving, height, animals, etc.)


Obsessive compulsive disorders


Recurring, persistent, repetitive thoughts or images causing marked anxiety or feelings of distress.



Mood alteration with pessimistic outlook, collapse of self-esteem, psychomotor slowing and somatic signs


Couples therapy

Tensile situations, regular conflicts, lack of communication...


Need help

It's taking the time to refocus on yourself with the help of a professional who listens to you without judgment


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