I am a dynamic and welcoming practitioner who is interested in people in all their forms. My previous experiences in art therapy are varied, ranging from socially vulnerable children to elderly people living with Alzheimer’s, caregivers and women from various backgrounds.

I stand out above all for my gentleness, my welcome without judgment and my authenticity which encourages participants to let go and open up to themselves. My watchwords in art therapy sessions are kindness, listening, non-judgment, respect and welcoming of oneself and others. Art therapy is for me a unique and universal way to connect with human beings and support them in their growth and development towards well-being.

Oriented towards a feminist, Gestalt, Jungian approach, through play and through process, I listen to the needs of my patients and I offer reassuring support and accompaniment promoting empowerment. Above all, I aspire to offer patients a safe and engaging space to explore their creativity. In this sense, I consider art as a very particular way of relating with oneself :

where speech stops, hands know how to speak.​

I am a member of the Association of Art Therapists of Quebec (AATQ), as well as the Association of Practitioners and Therapists in Alternative and Complementary Medicine (RITMA).

You can make an appointment directly on the MyPsy.Online website and discover my different sessions: