Why psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis is a major fact of the 20th century. Based on sessions, this discipline imagined by Freud has both cultural and psychological meaning. This is first of all a means of self-discovery and a certain therapeutic practice capable of treating mental and behavioral disorders. Psychoanalysis sessions have truly changed the way we see the world.

This discipline teaches us that man is a being of speech and teaches us that others are not only a real person but also a “figure” who responds to an unconscious formation.

Psychoanalysis gives us the means to answer a number of questions, such as “Why do we love this person?” Why are we angry for no reason? ”, which without them would remain forever opaque to us.

The benefits of psychoanalysis

Are you looking for a way to better understand yourself or overcome emotional issues you are experiencing? Psychoanalysis sessions can provide an answer to your needs.

Specific sessions

Psychoanalysis is a special method of treatment that allows you to talk freely about your thoughts and feelings in the presence of an experienced psychoanalyst. This talk-based therapy helps you explore your inner self or the root causes of your problems and find ways to overcome them.

 “ Forgotten memories are not lost ” 

Sigmund FREUD

Psychoanalysis sessions can be helpful for people who are looking to better understand their relationships or overcome difficulties related to life events.

Discover our psychoanalysis sessions

At MyPsy.Online, we wanted to offer you online psychoanalysis sessions with qualified and experienced practitioners, to allow you to benefit from this therapy in the comfort of your home.

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